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March 28, 2010
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ForceX System Monitor V3.0.6 (Feb-20-2013) by ForceX34 ForceX System Monitor V3.0.6 (Feb-20-2013) by ForceX34
ForceSystem Monitor Release V3.0.6
You can also follow us in the Rainmeter Forum [link]

What is ForceX System Monitor:
FXSM is a simple GUI that will display the status of vital components of your system. Features include:

1. Monitor 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 core cpu (Hyper threading)
2. Monitor the current number of Processes <--- New 1.4
3. Monitor the current "Top Process"
4. Monitor the System Uptime <--- New 1.3
5. Monitor system RAM usage
6. Monitor system SWAP file usage
7. Monitor Network Utilization and WAN / Local IP addresses
.....a. Monitor your total upload and download <--- New 1.4
............1. To reset your upload / download counter just click on "Total UL or Total DL". This will set the count back to 0.
8. Choose to monitor up to 7 HDD
.....a. Monitor the current read / write bandwidth for each drive
.....b. Monitor drive space usage for each drive
.....c. Drive meters change color to red when a drive reaches 90% <--- New 1.3
9. Dynamic naming of HDD's in the skin <--- New 2.0
10. Dynamic NT selection for number of connections <--- New 2.0
11. (Optional) Monitor the systems CPU temperature via SpeedFan <--- New 2.0
12. (Optional) Monitor up to 2 system GPUs temperatures via SpeedFan <--- New 2.0
13. Volume meter<--- New 2.1b
14. Open Drive by clicking on the drive letter / name<--- New 2.1b


Uses the Rainmeter skin installer

The downloaded zip file contains a folder named ForceX extract and place this folder into your "Documents/Rainmeter/Skins" folder. Your directory structure should look something like this after: "Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/ForceX"

Tips & Information

Dynamic setting of network connection type based on versions of windows. XP, Vista, 7, & 8 is working, but may need more testing on many different versions of windows to make sure i got all the naming conventions correct.

Network Issues: (the following goes for all Rainmeter skins)

Set your network speed in the file.
Current setting is 18000000 for 18Mb or 2MB


Wireless addon NIC or USB set your Interface number to 0 if 1-5 do not work.

For those of you that may be having problems with the network graph displaying incorrect network speed; you will need to change the interface number under Network Interface Settings in the file. The current interface is set to 3 this is the network interface number on my machine which is the second network port on the motherboard. So make your changes accordingly. Usually 1-5. This goes for all Rainmeter skins you may download, though I have placed this information in the file so you only need to make changes in one place. Other skins you may need to change the numbers on many different lines.

HDD Settings:

Change your drive assignments in the file. Current drive associations are:


Setting up SpeedFan:

SpeedFan is required to be installed in order for the skin to report system temperatures.

To setup SpeedFan:
1: Download and Install from [link]
2. Set SpeedFan to startup with windows by adding it to the startup folder.
3. Configure SpeedFan to monitor your GPUs and CPU. Do this by clicking Configure and selecting the check boxes by the GPUs and CPU. The order of the selection list will be how you set up SpeedFan in the file. The top most listed item will be number 0. The second will be 1 and so on.
4. Edit the files SFCPU= "your number here", SFGPU1 = "your number here" SFGPU2 = "your number here"
5. Refresh the skin.

Change Log:
1. Centered the CPU and GPU temperature bars
2. You can assign a max value for Fahrenheit & Celsius in the file. This affects how the temperature bars and graphs scale.

1. Gave the HDD meter it's own internal separation var in the file. Change "HDDPadding" to adjust the vertical spacing of the HDD meters independent of the rest of the skin.

Fixed the audio + date & time component internal padding.

New Features
1. Custom title bar padding

1. Fixed some color assignment names

New Features
1. Added a fan RPM monitor for CPU & 2 AUX fans.

New Features
1. Added Fahrenheit as a temperature option

New Features
1. Modular components - Pick and choose the components you want and the order you want them to be.
2. Support for transparency out of the box. The default setting is transparent with priority for viewing the skin.
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NinjaGrunt Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  New member
This is awesome!  I was looking for exactly this (a tool that monitors loads and temps of things like CPU, GPU, and also network monitoring, etc.).  It's working flawlessly for me right out of the box.  I downloaded and installed SpeedFan, which actually BSOD my machine twice (I had done some OC Tweaking and hadn't rebooted yet, so I'm not sure if that was the real cause).  I reverted the changes, then reinstalled SpeedFan.  I then downloaded and installed ForceX and popped up the monitors--> everything's working without any manual tweaking at the moment.  I not the fan speeds will need my manual tweaking once I decide to monitor that, but thanks so much!
adampski Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Hey man, my CPU readings are inccorect. I can't read the SpeedFan's plugin in Notepad++ and don't fancy unpacking it in IDA :-P. I don't believe #SFCPU# should be the value as it's reading 70~*c, whereas my temperature in SpeedFan is 40~*c.
ForceX34 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
You might be reading the wrong value from speedfan. You need to make sure you are accessing the correct temp monitor from speedfan in the skin.
ForceX34 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Make sure to read the description above on how to configure the skin and speedfan.
adampski Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
Does this skin interpret each thread as a core, also?
ForceX34 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Yes. If you have a 4 core i7 it will show as a 8 core CPU.
kirk56k Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
Love this skin, its almost perfect for what I'm looking for, which is a replacement for what I used to have with the Sidebar Gadgets. All I would like to say is I wish Sammaelus had posted his mod, it sounds like it would have been awsome! Anyway thanks again for your hard work!
bidomo Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
Pretty good work!

Do you have any plans on releasing a CoreTemp Version? SpeedFan gives different readings every time I shut down, Instead of CPU temp it start showing Core temp, and Motherboard temp for GPU, also, GPU fan is not reading at all some times, had any trouble like that?
ForceX34 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
At this time I don't have any plans for the skin.

As for SpeedFan what I do is remove all temp monitors from speedfan's list so that only the CPU and GPU are left. Then assign those list positions into the .inc file. Just remember the first item in the list is 0 (zero) not 1.

I know there are others that have modded the skin to use other monitoring software such as sammaelus. If he has it posted you can give it a try.
sammaelus Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013

this is hands down my most favourite skin for rainmeter (from those I saw and tried so far), i'm not the arty type so I'm more after compact and comprehensible information :)

I've been tinkering and hacking away at your skin, and modified it to such extent that I thought someone might like the changes and hence I was wondering what is your policy on redistribution.

The changes are mostly "under the hood" the look is pretty much the same, I rewrote 90% of sensors to use HWiNFO, wrote a new GPU Monitor skin fitting with the theme, added Top processes list, etc. Basically reshaping your vision to better fit with mine :D

At it's current state it's just a mess of copypasted stuff all over the place and as I start to think of packaging it in the future I need to know whether I am allowed to reupload the theme (with due credit given ofc) or whether I should keep it personal.

Oh, i'll attach a screen of what I did so far.
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